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Simple PHP Template Engine

PHP is a bit of a rare language as it can already template into text in markup with zero modifications or libraries. It is probably one of the big contributing factors why PHP is one of the most popular languages on the web today. (Can't be the only factor, it didn't work for ColdFusion) Most other web languages have a one or more templating languages with a different syntax that need to be learned on top of the implementing language. PHP lowers the bar to entry by allowing you to put your PHP code right into your html. But as we all know, sometime in your PHP tour, you will realize the need to separate presentation logic and the application logic. Some developers go running to some other solution that provides a different syntax. I am a bit puzzled on why this seems to be common practice, PHP can provide the same features without throwing another template syntax on top of what PHP already does. You can still achieve the separation needed with a simple class (shown at the end of this article). Read More ...
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