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PHP frameworks are obsolete

As a person who works with the PHP support community quite a bit, I'm often asked "What PHP framework do you recommend?". I answer this as honestly as I can: "None of them". It does pain me to say this, but as someone who's been to the other side, and not only seeing that the grass is greener, it's like REALLY FREAKING GREEN. Now before I start getting hate mail, let me explain that I still think there is a market for PHP frameworks.  I think if you have a moderately low traffic site that's going to live on shared hosting, and is basically a CRUD application on top of MySQL, disregard this article, it probably isn't for you. However, I've seen so many projects start out with that scope. They either grow or the developer/client wants to add more fancy new features they are starting to see elsewhere on the web. Then I see all these PHP developers hacking things that the PHP stack really isn't meant to do. Of course there are add-on systems you can put on your stack to tackle these problems but they don't have full control over the systems and people seem to be reluctant to add a new system if they could JUST hack this ONE thing into their web app (that will summarily destroy their throughput of their web server). I will go over these add-on systems in a bit.

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XSL Transformation with JAXB

The goal here is to take the output of a JAXB Marshaller and pass it straight to an xslt processor like JAXP. The issue with this is that JAXP takes it's input from various sorts of input streams and JAXB marshaller outputs usually in some sort of output stream. I saw some (bad) solutions about changing an output stream into an input stream and then pass it to JAXP. eww. The cool thing about JAXB is that it can marshall into a SAX ContentHandler. And there is an implementation of ContentHandler that handles XSL transformations for us! Here is an example of a http servlet that will do an xslt transformation on a JAXB marshalled POJO and dump the results right into into the servlet's output stream: Read More ...
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