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Option Pattern and avoiding Nulls pt. 3: Request Variables

In Part 1 I introduced the Option pattern as a pattern to avoid using nulls. In Part 2 I showed an example of how this can be handy in method chaining. In this part I'll introduce how to use Option for request variables.

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Option Pattern and avoiding Nulls pt. 2: Method Chaining

In Pt. 1. I introduced Option as a way to avoid running into problems using null. Now to show you one of those problems. Consider the following method:

function isPass($student, $course) {
  $grade = StudentRegistry::getStudent($student)->getCourse($course)->getGrade();
  if($grade > 60) {
    return true;
  return false;
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Option Pattern and avoiding Nulls pt. 1: Introduction

I imagine in the PHP community, the idea of avoiding nulls in your code might be something new to think about. Because PHP is a dynamically typed language, nulls are handled much better compared to other languages. However, they do still cause a lot of issues. Two of the main places I see issues with nulls in PHP is method chaining and request variables. I'll make two more parts to this series to cover each. This is part 1: introduction to the Option pattern.

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