Chad Minick
Software Developer

Software Developer

I develop software for large scale public applications. APIs, load balancers, token based login systems, logging services, work queues, and more. I consider myself comfortable in multiple computer languages and platforms.

Web Operations

I have experience in setting up and configuring web servers, and supporting services (Cache services, load balancers, proxies, database servers, job servers, and logging servers) in multiple platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. I also have the ability to set up processes for testing, building, and deployment to large scale systems.

Web Developer

I have been passionate about doing web development ever since I was a teenager. I can develop large scale web applications and web sites. Including complex javascript UIs, with dynamic and real time data.

News & Articles

Shift Right Zero-fill in PHP

I found this on the internet, might come in handy.

function zeroFill($a, $b) 
    $z = hexdec(80000000); 
        if ($z & $a) 
            $a = ($a>>1); 
            $a &= (~$z); 
            $a |= 0x40000000; 
            $a = ($a>>($b-1)); 
            $a = ($a>>$b); 
        return $a; 

credits to: Alex Stapleton, Andy Doctorow, Tarakan, Bill Zeller, Vijay "Cyberax" Bhatter, and traB.

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September 29, 2009 Comments
Chad Minick | Software Developer
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