Chad Minick
Software Developer

Software Developer

I develop software for large scale public applications. APIs, load balancers, token based login systems, logging services, work queues, and more. I consider myself comfortable in multiple computer languages and platforms.

Web Operations

I have experience in setting up and configuring web servers, and supporting services (Cache services, load balancers, proxies, database servers, job servers, and logging servers) in multiple platforms: Linux, Windows and Mac OSX. I also have the ability to set up processes for testing, building, and deployment to large scale systems.

Web Developer

I have been passionate about doing web development ever since I was a teenager. I can develop large scale web applications and web sites. Including complex javascript UIs, with dynamic and real time data.

News & Articles

Freenode prepending + or - to every incoming message.

"/quote cap req :-identify-msg" fixes this.

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April 5, 2012 Comments

Some inspiration

If you believe in miracles or not, you have to acknowledge one of the biggest miracles is giving mankind the drive to implement our imaginations and dreams through art and technology.

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July 11, 2011 Comments

Reading Files in Reverse in PHP

Every once in awhile I get someone asking me in ##php on freenode how to prepend entries to a file. Usually it's because it's a log file of some sort and they want to read the latest entries first. This is usually for someone (not necessarily the developer) who isn't used to the whole habit of reading log files from the bottom up. Years of using tail to read log files has lead me to have different expectations than a typical Joe (not you, Chance), and wanting new entries first is a reasonable request. However, one has to remember that viewing data and storing data are two completely different things. The most efficient way to view data isn't always the most efficient way to store it.

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August 12, 2010 Comments,

XSL Transformation with JAXB

The goal here is to take the output of a JAXB Marshaller and pass it straight to an xslt processor like JAXP. The issue with this is that JAXP takes it's input from various sorts of input streams and JAXB marshaller outputs usually in some sort of output stream. I saw some (bad) solutions about changing an output stream into an input stream and then pass it to JAXP. eww. The cool thing about JAXB is that it can marshall into a SAX ContentHandler. And there is an implementation of ContentHandler that handles XSL transformations for us! Here is an example of a http servlet that will do an xslt transformation on a JAXB marshalled POJO and dump the results right into into the servlet's output stream: Read More ...
November 17, 2009 Comments, , , , ,

Simple PHP Template Engine

PHP is a bit of a rare language as it can already template into text in markup with zero modifications or libraries. It is probably one of the big contributing factors why PHP is one of the most popular languages on the web today. (Can't be the only factor, it didn't work for ColdFusion) Most other web languages have a one or more templating languages with a different syntax that need to be learned on top of the implementing language. PHP lowers the bar to entry by allowing you to put your PHP code right into your html. But as we all know, sometime in your PHP tour, you will realize the need to separate presentation logic and the application logic. Some developers go running to some other solution that provides a different syntax. I am a bit puzzled on why this seems to be common practice, PHP can provide the same features without throwing another template syntax on top of what PHP already does. You can still achieve the separation needed with a simple class (shown at the end of this article). Read More ...
September 30, 2009 Comments, , ,
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