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New Website!

May 1, 2014 Comments

Hello again! I know I haven't been that attentive to my website, despite me constantly thinking about articles to write. But what can I say, Its been a busy busy year, more on that later. Now as you can see, I have a new website, with a new design, a new domain, and built on a new platform.

I decided that wordpress and I weren't working out. For various reasons that included me not needing the fancy UI, to not being inspired to write with it. Also the speed issue on my low memory vm. (Yes I know you can make wordpress fast, I've scaled many to huge amounts of load, however doesn't really help when you don't have enough memory to work with).

The domain name change from is all about perception, I feel having my name as the domain is more professional. It's all about branding isn't it?

I also felt like I was in need of a change, I was personally sick of the popular drab wordpress theme I picked. Now I have this site which is my own custom design and look and feel. Something I can be proud of. I want to thank Jekyll, Bootstrap, Glyphicons for providing the base I can build this site on. I would also like to thank Disqus, ShareThis, and Google for providing free services so I can concentrate hosting content.

So let me welcome you to the new Let me know what you think. I will try to write lots more articles soon!

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